What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Fortinet FortiAuthenticator?



We all know it's really hard to get good pricing and cost information.

Please share what you can so you can help your peers.

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FAC is an affordable solution for Middle Range (200E/400E) and also needs a package of mobility agents (2,000) perpetual. There is nothing to buy in the gateways (FG) and it is fully integrated.

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The license is a one-off payment.

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Generally speaking, Fortinet prices are competitive enough. It depends on the markets, but in our market, the price sensitiveness is high, especially now with the current economic situation after the COVID-19. This became something to take into consideration even more. Price is always important, but after such a situation, it's even more so. Customers became even more sensitive to the prices. So, price is another value point for Fortinet.

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The licensing fee is less in the long term because it's not a recurring cost.

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I think FortiAuthenticator is more expensive than other products like Cisco Duo. It could be more competitively priced. We want to use high-availability in our products, so we need to get a higher grade and more expensive license for that purpose.

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I think the setup cost is reasonable, and we don't need to renew the license. Sometimes there are extra costs for the VM. Our main competitors are RSA and Gemalto, and the Fortinet prices are very competitive relative to their prices.

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The cost is okay. It's moderate to inexpensive.

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The pricing is okay. It could always be less expensive, however.

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You buy the pack for 100 to 200 users. Once it goes over, you have to renew it on a yearly basis. It may be on a term where you license for one business. Officially, the authentication license has a third-party involved. Then you need to take your action. I don't see any additional license costs from FortiAuthenticator, but for the add-on features like MS Gateway, etc., you need to buy them.

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