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What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional?



We all know it's really hard to get good pricing and cost information.

Please share what you can so you can help your peers.

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LoadRunner is the best load testing tool, however, it is very expensive. The factors to purchase are:

1. It can simulate load a large number of concurrent users using small HW resources (CPU memory) compared with others.

2. It has a very specific protocol that other tools don't support since LR have 50+ supported protocols including complex one.

3. Having monitoring tool bundled (SiteScope)

4. The ease of use to

4.1 It can create scripts from recording engine or pcap import (and maintain).

4.2 Analysis module that you can correlate many graphs to find the bottleneck.

If you want to purchase, I suggest the average minimum amount such as the Web 500. However, if you want to perform a large scale or other specific protocols, you can consider purchasing VUser Days (Quota license) on top of it.

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There is a licensing cost that is expensive. There is also the Enterprise version of the software which allows other features that the Professional does not, such as, license sharing.

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LoadRunner Professional is an expensive product.

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I don't have any information about how much it costs to run the solution. I know it is expensive, but I don't handle the accounting, so I'm unsure how much our organization actually pays. I don't believe there are other costs beyond the standard licensing fee. There are different licence tiers. We have the maximum, so so don't have to deal with any limitations at any time. There's two types of users on the solution. One is the actual testers. In our organization, we have twenty people using this load. The others are virtual users. The licensing is dependent upon the virtual user and you are charged according to how many virtual users are using the application. Around twenty users are virtual in my organization.

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The licensing fees are based on the number of users. There is also a free community edition, but it depends on what protocol you're using and how many users you want. Essentially, the licensing fees are based on the need.

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There's the licensing fee, and then additional fees on top of that as well.

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I don't know the licensing cost, but I think that you would get a discount for normal usage. I think there are different yearly options for different types of usage. It is not only how many users, but also whether it is shareable or not and other criteria involved in each feature. There are additional fees for the users and hardware linked to the processing.

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Look at the options on other software which are not as pricey as LoadRunner. It's true that LoadRunner has all the features and a lot of ways to help, but then not all companies require such extensive tools. That is where I would probably suggest asking the pricing and the features integrated.

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