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What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for PagerDuty?



We all know it's really hard to get good pricing and cost information.

Please share what you can so you can help your peers.

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If you add more people, then you have to pay more, which is always a thing with the SaaS solutions. PagerDuty's pricing seems competitive. At one point, we were looking at OpsGenie because part of their current pricing includes the call routing that we wanted to include. It was actually cheaper to get that plus the call routing than it is on PagerDuty at the moment. However, we would have to go and buy an extra module to go with it. What we have at the moment is solid, and it would be a hard sell to say, "We'll go to something else that we're not familiar with." If we wanted phone calls or additional SMSs, we would have to pitch up for those. They give us so many per month per user, then we have to pay extra if it goes over that.

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A con, a failure, is the cost which is quite high. But if you want to get a full-featured application and you have a big team... Some important features are closed to a group because of the licensing. For example, one of the features that I always wanted to use but never managed to is the postmortem part of PagerDuty. To me, it is important that everyone in the organization be able to read any postmortem that is produced. PagerDuty only allows you to share it with people who have accounts. It doesn't have different levels of accounts. There is only a complete account and you have to pay for it. You really need to understand what feature functionality you want from the solution and then see what the cost-benefit is for what you want to achieve. We tried the stakeholder licenses, but we ended up never using them. They don't have a lot of flexibility on that. It's almost like one type of licensing or nothing.

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Licensing costs are around $700 a month and the only additional costs are phone costs in some instances.

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