What is your primary use case for Amazon EC2?


How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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I build solutions in the infrastructure of my clients. I use Amazon EC2 in their AWS cloud. With EC2, there are many different operating systems that you can use. If we were to talk about the size, I use the T2 and T3 instances and central apps for production and for Windows.

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We have a couple of primary use cases. We have an internal password server that we use for one of them. The other use case is file transfer. We have set apart an in-house SFTP process and it is all there. ETL enterprise trends and the data transformation process also run on one of the servers. We have databases that run on one of the EC2 docs. We have a direct database that runs AWS Postgres. We don't separate that, but we do have a part of the business that runs on the server as well. My company has a couple of servers on EC2 that we manage across defined regions. We have roughly 11 servers currently in operation for live production services and around 5 staging environments. We have Windows and Linux servers. I think there are less Linux servers than Windows at present. I would say there are two to three Linux centers and the rest are Windows. That's what we use. Of course we have detailed information of what we do but I can't go into too much information because our company is public.

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We've been using the solution basically for provisioning our development in a less production-heavy environment.

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We are using this solution for relational DB servers, application servers, and IaaS. We are also using it for SMTP and HTTP services, for compute services.

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Basically, whatever we're trying to do with physical VMs on-premise, we can directly replicate them on Amazon EC2.

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