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What is your primary use case for Amazon SageMaker?


How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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55 Answers

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Our primary use case for SageMaker is for developing end to end machine learning solutions and ready solutions for things such as computer vision or speech recognition or speech to text. It's basically providing off-the-shelf solutions. Our customers are generally medium to enterprise size companies. We're a partner of Amazon.

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We are a solution provider that is concentrating on migrating our customers from on-premises to the cloud, and Amazon SageMaker is one of the products that we implement for our customers. SageMaker is an AI platform, and I have been working on creating a solution that uses SageMaker and DeepLens to recognize people for access control. It will automatically log people who are coming and leaving. The second use case that we are working on is a system that recognizes cars by reading license plates and then opening a gate automatically to let them into the parking area. AI, in general, has not yet been heavily used in this region so I am working on three or four use cases.

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This is a solution that we have provided to one of our clients. It is being used for its inbuilt data science models. We are building regression models for forecasting demand. The client is in the business of consumer goods and they would like to be able to perform campaign-level forecasts. It is deployed on their AWS Cloud and all of the data is on Amazon Redshift.

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I know about SageMaker and its capabilities, and what it can do, but I have not had any hands-on experience. It's a machine learning platform for developers to create models.

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We use this solution for Outlier Detection using Random Cut Forest. We intend to implement a Predictive modeling project starting in October and have not yet decided on the platform(s) we will utilize. The challenge for us is balancing the Data Scientists, Technical vs. Analyst.

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