What is your primary use case for Broadcom DX Application Performance Management?


How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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We are a network operation center. We measure the performance of the system. We monitor the network and the application performance for any degradation in the performance of the system. If it is down then we need to get notified very quickly so that we can inform the consulting team to resolve the issue. We also have to inform the management of the incident management process, and the customer response team to notify the customer's agents.

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The solution is primarily used for monitoring such as network monitoring, application performance monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, et cetera. We also use it for the AI/ML to understand the kinds of effects that are coming from their different monitoring solutions. It can give a root cause analysis using multiple data points. It can monitor for and explain downtime and reduce the work of the ID operations team as it provides them with a root cause analysis for downtime events.

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We primarily use this product for monitoring our IBM WebSphere environment. It more generally monitors all of our JVMs for our web environments, used for all of our websites.

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We are a service and solution provider, and this is one of the monitoring products that we implement for our customers. The primary use case is network monitoring.

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My users are satisfied with this solution, most are financial institutions such as banks. The primary use case is for the monitoring of business applications in production. Banks use it for monitoring Internet banking solutions, internal back-office applications that have high number of users distributed on many locations, monitoring back-office applications for card transaction processing, and also for front office applications monitoring. DX APM is also used in a test phase of apps life cycle especially during a performance testing.

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A new concept (APM) to be introduced in our workplace which was never there before. Never had visibility into application (layer) performance. Prior to this our main focus was on server and network hardware monitoring. Having visibility into app performance and backend layer has been quite an eye opener in putting together the entire picture for management. We've put together a complete portrait from an ESM (Enterprise Systems Management) perspective with Broadcom/CA Tools.

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