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What is your primary use case for Broadcom Test Data Manager?


How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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44 Answers

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We use it for enterprise-level solutions.

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We use it for data generation, for performance testing, and other test cases. We also use data masking and data profiling for functional testing. Data masking is one of the important aims in our procurement of this tool because we have some sensitive data in production. We have to mask it to use it in a testing environment. Our real concern is masking and we are learning about this subject.

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TDM is something people do all the time. You cannot say it is something you're going to do from scratch. For every client, there is a different scenario. There are a lot of use cases. But a couple of use cases are common everywhere. One of them is the data when it is not there in production. How do you create that data? Synthetic data creation is one use case challenge that is common across the board. In addition, the people who do the testing are not very conversant with the back end or with the different types of databases, mainframes, etc. And most of the time they don't write very good SQL to be able to find the data they are going to do their testing with. So data mining is a major concern in most places. The use cases are diverse. You cannot point to many common things and say that this will work or this will not. Every place, even though it's a TDM scenario, is different. Some places have very good documentation, so you can directly start with extraction, masking, and loading. But for most places that is not possible because the documentation is not there. There are multiple use cases. You cannot say that one size fits all. In the testing cycle, when there is a need for test data management tools, we use CA TDM to put up the feed.

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We use a lot of creating data mods and test matching features. We did establish the subsetting cloning process as well, but based on the client requirements. Creating data mods and using test matching features are something which we have found fits our purpose. We use most of the test matching features in our testing processes and also the integration with App Test is something we heavily use.

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