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What is your primary use case for Coverity?


How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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99 Answers

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Top 20Real User

We use it in our company during product development.

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Top 20Consultant

I am a consultant and I work to bring solutions to different companies. Static code analysis is one of the things that I assist people with, and Coverity is one of the tools that I use for doing that. I worked with Coverity when doing a couple of different PoCs. For these, I get a few different teams of developers together and we want to decide what makes the most sense for each team as far as scanning technologies. So, part of that is what languages are supported, part of that is how extensible it is, and part of that extensibility is do the developers have time to actually create custom roles? We also want to know things like what the professional are services like, and do people typically need many hours of professional services to get the system spun up. Other factors include whether it deployed on-premises or in the cloud, and also, which of those environments it can operate with. One of the things is there's not really a shining star out of all of these tools. SaaS tools have been getting more mature in the past decade, particularly in how fast they run, but also in the results they get. Of course, framework and language additions that increase the capability with results are considered.

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We have a development team and we are using this product for static code analysis.

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I am the administrator and I use this solution to do the calibrating and security scanning of the code in my bank. We are trying to find any vulnerabilities in our code and we are integrating the process with our DevOps.

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We use the on-premise deployment model of this solution. Our primary use case of this solution is for auditing.

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We use Coverity during the software integration phase. We have a lot of components so we use Coverity to build the components, analyze and publish the data into sonar server and that's our work.

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* Raising the level of code quality, security, and robustness in the codebase * Tracking and addressing code quality issues.

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I am using the latest version for my business. I personally do product evaluations, and this product has improved the efficiency of my work.

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We did a comprehensive evaluation on a number of critical parameters in the environment that we are in. Other popular tools that we evaluated failed to meet our expectations.

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