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What is your primary use case for Dell Boomi AtomSphere?


How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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44 Answers

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We are the most popular Dell Boomi integrator in the world and the first integrator for this solution in Japan. The primary use case is to act as middleware between legacy systems and cloud-based systems. For example, it will integrate legacy systems with products like Salesforce and SAP for both master data and transactional data.

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Currently, we are using the solution primarily for testing purposes. I am just experimenting with some areas. I integrate my Google account with my local account and take some data from my local to my Google drive. That's just for me to test things right now. For our customers, they have SAP systems, Oracle systems, CRM systems, etc., and all of these systems are operating with some technical assistance. They will need to transfer the data to their Datalink or data warehouse. For that, they need some integration to make it happen online. This is true for a variety of users on their systems and something that we're working on now.

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Boomi's always a mix of a Cloud system for management. You can configure it to connect with an on-premises environment if you need to connect with on-premise data sources. But with Boomi, you don't really have to choose, it is always primarily the Cloud version, and then you just install a means of connecting to an on-premise data source if you need to and that is all.

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We use this solution for creating the processes to interact with external ticketing applications by consuming the web services exposed. Creating processes for these imported services for the online booking application by exposing the APIs to the front end UI (web, mobile, KIOSK ).

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