What is your primary use case for F5 Advanced Firewall Manager ?

How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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We primarily use the solution to protect and to divide cells. We are not using AFM as a standalone product. We are using AFM with the LTM module, as a module. The main purpose of F5 is to use it as an ADC application to deal with the console.

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The solution is primarily used as a web application firewall.

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We use three main features. The first one is access control. Access control would mainly use the IP geolocation feature. This feature in AFM lets you limit access to some countries and allow other countries. Some countries can access your service while others cannot access it. This is one feature which is called IP geolocation. The second feature we use is called IP intelligence. It's another feature of F5. It's like a straight feed for all blacklisted IP addresses in the world. They make categories for the blacklisted IP addresses, such as blacklists to a channel, blacklisted proxies, blacklisted malicious malware, and blacklisted spammers. If anyone of these IPs is trying to hurt your service, we are able to just block it with the AFM firewall, which is a separate license in essence. We utilize this license as well. Finally, we have a DDoS safety feature. AFM provides protection for the network from a DDoS attack. We use this feature at times too. These are the only three features we utilize: IP geolocation, IP intelligence, and DDoS.

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I use F5 AFM (Advanced Firewall Manager) for several solutions including firewall, load balancing, and security.

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We use the on-prem model of this solution. Our primary use case is to protect our software with a firewall.

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I am using this solution to protect my web services.

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