What is your primary use case for froglogic Squish?

How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

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Using a mix of Squish editions, it is possible to fully automate the GUI tests of hybrid GUI applications such as a Qt application with embedded, native Windows controls or a web application which embedded Java applets or starts a Java Web Start application.

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Squish is very good in distributed batch testing. It allows to execute sets of script or batches and review the detailed logging and execution of results. Even we can use the test scripts for multiple test cases, i.e., global scripts which will be very useful for one who often uses the same script.

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Our main test case is to automate the entire thing either to CI/CD tools. I have looked for a lot of tools on this, but we used to encounter one problem or the other. But with Squish, I didn't get many problems, and this is a straightforward procedure. One more use case is we will be using a lot of data like Database, CSV, TSV and so on. So, Squish data-driven testing is very powerful and easy.

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My application includes Qt and Java objects that run on Windows and Linux operating systems. We wanted to perform automated GUI regression testing based on objects so that the same test script can be used in different machines. Our intention is to run regression tests automatically using CI (Jenkins) or scripts. We were looking for a tool that is user-friendly, and test scripts should be created in almost all well-known scripting languages. Squish helped us here.

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Table-driven testing is our main case. Using Squish, we are able to do table-driven testing very easily. Drive your scripts with data from a variety of data sources such as CSV, TXT, TSV, MS Excel, Databases. One more best thing to mention would be the capability of behavior-driven development testing. Squish uses Gherkin Syntax which is a standard BDD language. Squish can be easily integrated with ALM, continuous integration, build integration, HP Quality Center/HP ALM, Microsoft Visual Studio/TFS/MTM integration, Rational Quality Manager, Seapine, TCM integration, Maven, Ant, TeamCity, Bamboo, Jenkins/Hudson. Squish is very good in handling hybrid applications. We can perform behavior-driven development(BDD) in Squish very easily. Squish has introduced one new feature which we are waiting from long time i.e., OCR(Optical Character Recognition) Support.

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