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What is your primary use case for IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation?


How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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44 Answers

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Top 10Consultant

I am a consultant and this is one of the products that I use for my clients. They use DOORS Next Generation mainly for requirements management, in conjunction with other tools such as RTC for change management, and RQM for quality management. Together, these are all part of the software life cycle.

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Top 20Real User

Used on major rail projects for requirements management. Used to manage multiple design packages and contract requirements, technical requirements, and derived requirements. We're a customer of IBM and I'm a casual user of the product. We're looking at it possibly for another project.

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Top 10Real User

We primarily use the solution for system engineering. Typically, we receive a user requirement to produce or engineer specific equipment. From there, we derive requirements, system and sub-system specifications, and also design or create a test plan with a rationale quality manager, which is in the same suite as DOS next generation. There's full coverage provided, from building requirements to testing.

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Real User

The primary use case of this solution and tool is to completely manage and also reuse requirements. We produce many different products which have a lot of reused requirements (for example for protocols etc.). Before we were writing big documents describing requirements and many parts of such requirement documents overlapped. We loose a lot of time reading such documents (R&D, VV, product management) so we want to make improvements. We use IBM Rational Doors tightly integrated with Quality Management for testing requirements- WIth such combination we slightly improve our product development process and support for this process

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