What is your primary use case for ITRS Geneos?

How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

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We use it to monitor all our production servers, our UAT servers, as well as all the trading applications that are running on them. Additionally, we use some of the other features to monitor some of the network equipment via SNMP. Our NOC is watching the screens I created for them using the Geneos dashboards and the Event Ticker. They open cases for specific teams, depending on where the alert is coming from. It gets routed to the correct group and they resolve the issue. For the most part, our applications are fixed protocol trading applications. We have a host of products and they're all unique. They range from process monitoring to log file monitoring to API. For example, the trading application has an API which sends data into the ITRS gateway and that displays information. We have rules written around that. We use the Web Dashboard and it's great. You have to take the time to create the dashboards. I'm the only person administering ITRS at this point, and with over 500 servers and a lot of applications I don't have a lot of time to create dashboards.

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The solution is being used in the treasury management space, specifically to monitor the health of the technology estate. At this point, we have built out infrastructure monitoring as well as things like log monitoring and process monitoring; all those basics. The main use case is actually to build dashboards for our production support team to be able to have a high-, mid-, and low-level view of that technology estate. The applications we monitor are financial services applications, treasury specifically.

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We are monitoring uptime, availability, and performance of the trading systems through the ITRS dashboards. We have five segments and we have created all the applications and dashboards for these segments. We are monitoring online and have created a separate, integrated monitoring room where we have installed all the Geneos dashboard screens and we have a separate group of people monitoring these tools. In case of any alerts, there are mechanisms for escalation. Currently, we have not only provided dashboards to IT operations, but we have provided them to other departments as well. For example, the hardware team has its own dashboard, and the network team has its own dashboards. The business team also recently started using dashboards. The types of applications we monitor start with trading applications. We have a cash market, futures and options, and through the ITRS dashboards we monitor all the back-end servers. The only thing that is not covered by the dashboards is the front-end, which is used by the members. But all the in-house application servers are covered, as are all the networks switches, all the hardware details, and the software applications for the trading servers. Apart from that, there is a separate interface team that is also monitoring its own dashboards. Essentially, we are trying to include all the business parameters in the monitoring, those which are used most by the business users. Those parameters are being tracked in the ITRS dashboards. We have divided our dashboards into application processes, logs, hardware, and network. All these dashboards are combined and are visible in an Exchange one-view dashboard which is visible at the executive level.

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We use it for application monitoring.

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