What is your primary use case for ITRS Geneos?


How do you or your organization use this solution?

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It is for application monitoring. So, we are using it for basic infrastructure, process up/down and log file monitoring to create metrics, and alerts. Then, we extended the use to cover creating more of a system management console, so we could stop and start a process from the console without having to go into the box to do the change. Across the bank, every team needs to provide a Ready For Business status, which is shown in a centralised web page for ease of viewing. As the bank is very large, it is down to the application teams as to what tool they choose to use, and in this instance individuals would manually update the webpage status for their area. We used Geneos to start automating that process, which helps provide a holistic health across all applications, and due to the nature of Geneos, also enables downstream applications to understand the health of their upstream providers. Geneos is an agent that runs on the host. The agent collects the information, then provides it through to a console. The analysts can then see all the information coming through on the console.

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We use it for application monitoring, monitoring of our business applications to provide our support teams with alerts around the problems and events that may be occurring within the apps. We're a financial company and we monitor applications for trade entry, trade management, risk, and order flow. It's used for any application that's being used in the tradeflow stack.

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Our primary use case is to monitor services and networking. We monitor applications like the processor, CRM, and next-gen Gateway which is a Windows service.

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We are using Geneos for basic monitoring, like process, logs, database monitoring, etc. In terms of the applications we monitor with Geneos, they are the basics, like load processes for getting the data, parsing it, and loading into the database. We have a processor running 12 to 14 hours a day and we have to monitor the data we are getting, the FIX (financial information exchange) messages. We are parsing to see whether everything went fine or not. Then, if we are loading it into a database, we are checking the counts to confirm that whatever is in the FIX messages is getting loaded.

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We use it to monitor all our production servers, our UAT servers, as well as all the trading applications that are running on them. Additionally, we use some of the other features to monitor some of the network equipment via SNMP. Our NOC is watching the screens I created for them using the Geneos dashboards and the Event Ticker. They open cases for specific teams, depending on where the alert is coming from. It gets routed to the correct group and they resolve the issue. For the most part, our applications are fixed protocol trading applications. We have a host of products and they're all unique. They range from process monitoring to log file monitoring to API. For example, the trading application has an API which sends data into the ITRS gateway and that displays information. We have rules written around that. We use the Web Dashboard and it's great. You have to take the time to create the dashboards. I'm the only person administering ITRS at this point, and with over 500 servers and a lot of applications I don't have a lot of time to create dashboards.

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The solution is being used in the treasury management space, specifically to monitor the health of the technology estate. At this point, we have built out infrastructure monitoring as well as things like log monitoring and process monitoring; all those basics. The main use case is actually to build dashboards for our production support team to be able to have a high-, mid-, and low-level view of that technology estate. The applications we monitor are financial services applications, treasury specifically.

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