What is your primary use case for Jobvite?


How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

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On the day-to-day basis, we use Jobvite as an applicant tracking system to track all of the candidates that we have in process. We use it to push out interviews. We use it to notify hiring managers of candidates that are interviewed. We use it for its evaluation piece to evaluate candidates after their interviews. We use it to connect it to our website to do our advertising, we push advertising out to Jobvite. We manage our third party vendors through that system and allow them to help us track the resumes they submit to us and we input them into the system. It is used to make offers and to run our third party, including background checks and things like that to start that process. We have a pretty extensive use of Jobvite with all the bells and whistles.

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I'm a technical recruiter. I'm mostly using Jobvite to track candidates who have applied for jobs or who I have reached out to. But the fundamental use case is for collecting information on candidates who've applied for jobs and checking them, managing them, communicating with a candidate, communicating with people in my company about the job application, and about the collection of candidates who had applied for a particular job. I report on the status of the candidates who were in the process. It's the kind of the standard collection of things that a recruiter would do in regards to an applicant tracking system. Jobvite provides that basic functionality. Other things that we provide would be to distribute information about job postings. The company puts the job opening, the job title, and the job description into Jobvite. Jobvite can disseminate that to job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed, and others. It's the basic functionality of a modern applicant tracking system, and Jobvite essentially does all that.

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I use it for posting jobs on our website and applicant tracking. I enter a job opening into the system, and then it posts the job onto our website from there. I also use it for scheduling interviews for candidates and documenting the candidate interview process.

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We use the solution for all of our work recruiting. We posted jobs and we helped candidates go through our recruitment journey on the system.

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