What is your primary use case for JotForm?

How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

33 Answers

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Our Help & Support webpage use JotForm for the advanced form in a single web page. The Help & Support form has more than ten different options for the different kinds of issues on our products/orders. When a customer submits the form then the text-fields' data is automatically injected into a CRM application.

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Our primary use case is to gather important case details for more than 200 clients.

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Electronic forms have more utility than just searches or contacts! When you need a form to facilitate your work, look for several, as there are numerous websites on the subject on the internet. You can go in the most popular, but leave one that has the best features, I'm talking about JotForm, an amazing forms website, and free. I'll explain why: I needed an electronic form that would facilitate an internal audit reporting job in a standardized way for a team of about 30 internal auditors and have the need for and complexity of an audit involving standards such as ISO9001 with almost 200 questions. Being that not all items are audited in the same area, I needed a form with intelligence to be able to direct each auditor to each area the questions related to the area to be audited, but simply and fast. Well, with JotForm hands-on, I was able to create a form with all of these needs and standardize how to respond by gaining quality and agility in auditing, and auditors' response to the audit process. Result: absolute success in the contract, congratulations to JotForm!