What is your primary use case for Oracle SOA Suite?


How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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We primarily use this product for integrating with Salesforce and SaaS applications that our company uses for quality. We also have other legacy applications, and now, we are integrating the tool with our internal applications. We are also using Oracle B2B, which is part of SOA.

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We use this solution for complex integrations between disparate systems that can be done securely, as light-weight services, automation, recovery, robust ETL options, and a lot more. Comparing with other integration products, Oracle SOA Suite, being offered by Oracle Corporation, brings along a lot of benefits like Cloud and Database features that are an integral part of their offering.

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Nowadays I work for a retail company, and we deliver SOA Suíte 12c to integrate SAP Hybris REST API with legacy systems. Before, I used to work for a telecom company, and we used OSB and BPEL to integrate IVR with legacy systems.

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My first application was in the planning of integral projects in a state university where we made a profile proposing the integral installation of communications, and built an edifice for the data center with a nutanix server. We created software sheltering the existing ideas, and the SOA web service facilitated this work.

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Sysadmin and DBA for our internal SOA Suite solution development and an implementer at various customer sites.

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We position Oracle SOA Suite as the central on-premises integration platform, to integrate existing on-premises systems with each other. Furthermore, it is used in upcoming hybrid architectures, where Cloud-based systems and Cloud-native apps, need to be integrated with the existing on-premises applications.

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