What is your primary use case for OWASP Zap?

How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

77 Answers

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Our primary use case is for scanning. We have Bamboo, Nexus and Artifactory and we are able to make snapshots. When we get a pull request we're able to make another snapshot and we compare the two snapshots together and can see what is new in the pull request. We can see which libraries are there and that enables us to see the vulnerabilities. I'm an embedded software engineer.

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We primarily use this application for web application spidering and vulnerability assessment.

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We only tried out the demo to see what the solution offers and how it performs overall business scanning. They also offer open-source projects.

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I focus on software application security. In most of the scenarios that we come across, the customers want complete assurance on security of their platforms/products/applications. Clients reach out to us for our abilities to unearth security issues. I get to use these tools to assess products/platforms before they go live to the market.

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Our primary use case of this solution is to scan and check that the applications we put on the internet are safe and secure.

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It is a security tool. We use it for application testing.

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The use case was we needed to scan our website to find out what vulnerabilities were present. We use it to scan the website, then take a report about what vulnerabilities are present on it. Next, we will manually verify those vulnerabilities for false positives.

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