What is your primary use case for RHEV?

How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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We are a company who sells the solution to end users and we're a business partner with Red Hat. I'm an IT project consultant

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In my company, I am working in a strategic department. My primary task in the company at the present time is looking into an overall roadmap for our organization to adopt a virtualization solution. We are doing this mostly for cost optimization. So I am exploring the potential benefits of different solutions and what the potential options are for us to minimize and optimize the costs and our overall tax expenditures by bringing in these VMware solutions. Our goal is hosting multiple applications within one single host. The purpose is to reduce the number of physical servers and then to move from a physical to a virtual environment. This is the reason that we introduced the VMware solution. So VMware is basically purely on the virtual environment that we have adopted because we are moving out from a physical environment to a virtual environment where we have deployed some VMware licenses to manage our various systems applications on one single host. Of course, VMware is not an OS by itself. When it comes to the operating system, we are leveraging on the Red Hat virtual environment to be able to run and support the integration of multiple systems. So the VMware is being used to host the virtual environment. We have actually a combination of both Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and VMware virtualization solutions to create the needed environment to meet these goals.

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The primary use case was running an entire government payroll system.

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We have been using RHEV in both on-premises and cloud deployments for testing. In my team, we don't have access to a paid version of Red Hat. Instead, we mostly use CentOS and Ubuntu.

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The primary use case of this solution is for making DNS, website work, DHCP, and other security functions like ID tables and other tools.

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We have several applications that are pillars of the business, such as ERP and SAP, which were previously in a Windows environment. Our system architects have been working on moving these applications to a Linux environment. This is why we are using this solution. At the point, all of our work with Red Hat is on-premises.

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