What is your primary use case for SAP Hybris Commerce?


How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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There are multiple use cases. I work with multiple clients, and each client has multiple use cases. My clients are mostly B2B and B2C clients and they are all involved in different areas of business. For example, I work with luxury clients, clients in construction, and clients in the medical field, too. They are all different in terms of project size. Some of my clients have just discovered SAP Hybris and want to integrate it; they just want to test it out and see if it works for them.

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I am a freelance SAP Hybris Commerce technical expert. I have worked with many clients on Upwork and outside Upwork. I also have an agency that contains many developers for Hybris, iOS, Android, and many other technologies. Hybris is used for e-commerce needs. Hybris offers e-commerce features like checkout, payment options, and others for different phases of e-commerce. We don't try to convince our clients to use Hybris. Our clients have already made the decision to use Hybris, then they come to us.

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I work for a consulting company and SAP Hybris Commerce is one of the products that I have experience with, in this capacity. Our current use case involves an SAP commerce product called Spartacus, which is based on the cloud version. SAP handles the backend, which is deployed on the cloud, whereas the front-end is based on Angular technology. The clients I'm working with now are interested in migrating to Angular, so my current use case is migrating all of the front-end interfaces accordingly.

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I chose this out-of-box E-Commerce solution because it helps you start up your E-Commerce business in a very good amount of time since Hybris already provides you the end-to-end flow with minimum customization. You can quickly go live with the customer.

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For our sales team to have a better understanding of our customer's interests, I wanted to provide the sales team information about those interests and be able to personalize the offering.

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