What is your primary use case for SAP S4HANA Cloud?


How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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We use it for our manufacturing and sales.

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The business suite that I have got the most experience with is SAP, but they are making that transition into S/4HANA. With S/4HANA, they got both an on-premise and a cloud-based solution, so you can buy it in the cloud on a subscription service or you can have it on-premise. On-premises allows you to manage your own site solution, which a lot of big companies might prefer to do. But then Microsoft Dynamics 365 is also a cloud-based solution that you pay a monthly subscription per person fee — or whatever arrangements you can work out. I think NetSuite is the same way. Unfortunately, I have not been directly involved in developing any larger use cases for S/4HANA or 365 or NetSuite. That has been a frustration for me over the last seven or eight years. My move to do an independent consultant was actually to get back into the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) environment and the opportunities just have not been there to further explore the possibilities. It has been kind of frustrating because I have had to focus mostly on continuous improvement and other areas. But even though I spent 10 years in the SAP space, it seems like now I am too far away from where I should have been in working with the product. When I look at these cloud-based solutions in comparison, I have been following SAP and S/4HANA since it started. At least from my point-of-view, SAP is leaps and bounds ahead of anybody else in that space by far. They are not going to be a perfect ERP solution for everyone, but they look like they are going to try to stay as close to that as anyone can. What they are doing as a total ERP package can support the whole enterprise.

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