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What is your primary use case for SonicWall SMA?


How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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77 Answers

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We are a system integrator and SonicWall SMA is one of the products that we implement for our clients. They use it to protect their data.

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I'm an information security engineer and we are integrators.

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We are service providers and we sell and integrate solutions for clients. I am using this solution for VPN and mobile on the website.

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Our clients are primarily cooperative banks, so they have a small bank domain. They may have branches of up to 15 to 20 small locations. They need to have multisite connectivity and we use the SonicWall VPN for that. The CBS core banking systems connect the branch office to the head office. The CBS servers are in the data center at the core bank or head office and all branches connect to the head office through VPN connectivity. This allows them access to the core banking system.

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We are using SonicWall for two purposes. One is for clients who want the product for remote access and the other is as a security measure to protect against the recent ransomware attacks. In the latter case, we use SSL-VPN as the initial remote connection to a network and then initiate the connection into the internal network to add a layer of security. This is effective for clients who need remote access as per their requirements for direct connections or mobile users who are using SSL-VPN straightaway. Some of our clients have remote branch offices where they have only one or two users per branch. Their offices are like a shop or a small outlet where they need connection into the head office because of the company ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Some parts of their network are running only at the head office. In that case, we install SSL-VPN into the head office, and then the remote users initiate the connections through the SSL-VPN to their other respective ERP server. Some clients have other product vendors where they need to give the vendor remote support access to a network securely. In these cases, we give the vendor SSL-VPN connections and then they initialize the SSL-VPN for network access. After that, they do the remote support on the servers through the VPN. It is just additional security measures which we are taking to be sure the company and vendor access is protected. Then the other use is for mobile telephones. Mobile phones like NEC and Panasonic smart mobile come with an extension. They can't always connect their devices directly so we insert a VPN. Then we can allow them to register their mobiles onto their internal PBX (Private Branch Exchange). But in general, the main use case is that we are helping to securely connect to the head office from the remote links. This allows access to intranet resources.

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The primary use case of this solution is to provide remote access from home offices. The deployment model we are using is on-premises.

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We are using different products from SonicWall, and the SSL-VPN is part of our overall solution. We change appliance models approximately every three years. We have an on-premises deployment, and these appliances are used with our data servers. There are several things that we use the VPN for including remote access, accessing data on the file server, and using on-premises applications from the outside. There are many uses for this solution.

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