2019-02-11 21:00:00 UTC

What is your primary use case for Ubiquiti UniFi?

How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

66 Answers

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Our primary use case for the solution is for our own office use. In addition, we've deployed it in a retirement village where we use it for tracking nurses as well as providing internet access for residents and staff. We deal with small to medium size enterprise companies. Our company are resellers and integrators, and I'm a company director.

2020-04-30 10:58:00 UTC
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The solution is primarily meant for internal office use. The solution has only one SSID, and there aren't normally restrictions on bandwidth, etc.

2020-03-05 08:39:53 UTC
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Ubiquiti UniFi is used for deploying Wi-Fi connectivity for staff and students. All of the services have MAC bindings and are whitelisted, and once they leave they can no longer use it.

2020-01-12 12:02:00 UTC
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We use this solution for both wired and wireless networking in a factory that is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

2019-07-08 06:52:00 UTC
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We used this solution in a beachside hotel with twelve floors, three hundred and fifty rooms.

2019-06-04 14:26:00 UTC
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Ubiquiti UniFi is the most cost-effective network (wired and wireless) solution on the market. I think the reason they are so cost effective is that their support model is community driven. If your needs are rather basic and you are willing to dig in and learn the solution, it will pay dividends for years to come. The advanced feature sets are lacking, but for small businesses, Ubiquiti UniFi checks most of the boxes for features required. Ubiquiti UniFi offers a lot of enhancements through software (which is free) as time goes on making the hardware a better value all the time. No support contracts required.

2019-02-11 21:00:00 UTC
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