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What measures should a business have in place to enable an effective incident response for data breaches?


Hi community members,

How does an enterprise prepare effectively for responding to data breaches? 

What protocols should they have in place (any major differences between the US and Europe)?

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There could be multiple answers to your question based on how your environment is set up. You have edge defense (firewalls, IDS, IPS like ngfw palos and fidelis), you have endpoint like av or edr (sentinel 1 or symantec or carbon black etc). There are also various other tools out there that are apt or malware finders and ones that look at log sources..then on tracking incidents you have the servicenow /remedy side..

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Incident Response Plan or Workflow
Incident Classification and Prioritisation book
The right People Process and Technology
The Playbook
Efficient SOC strategy

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As the appropriate policy may vary depending on the country, business size and sector, please contact me directly at cybersec@global.co.za to provide me with your country, time zone and Skype and/or WhatsApp contact details and I’ll be happy to discuss the subject.

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