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What needs improvement with Amazon AWS CloudSearch?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Amazon AWS CloudSearch.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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44 Answers

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I don't have a deep knowledge of the solution and its compatibility, so I don't know if I can speak to what might be lacking. Scalability and agility could be improved slightly, even though we find them good right now. The solution should improve the recovery aspects that it has on offer.

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I think AWS is doing a good job. I don't think it needs much improvement. Security is a concern but they're working on it. I am not saying there is no security, but maybe they can bring in more controls.

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Maybe they are common in Egypt, but you should make a request on Amazon to create a function to monitor CPU performance, memory, and files. It is very difficult in AWS. I would tell them it should be simple, just drag and drop. I think they could develop this option so we can drag and drop to monitor the performance of the processor and memory. The integration is very good. AWS and HANA support the ERP system. In terms of performance, it is very good. The performance is according to what you pay. However, maybe the monitoring features need more enhancements, including flexibility and reliability. It is not easy. If we want to remove or add something on the dashboard, we need to request it from AWS. If you want to monitor a new dashboard, you should request it from a partner and the partner should request it from AWS worldwide. Compatibility is very good, though. The stability is very good. The network is stable. We connected to AWS through a VPN. I detected that the technology is very stable. The AWS team support is also very helpful in terms of communication and their VPN is very helpful and supportive. The core of AWS for hosting to succeed is the VPN connection. If the VPN connection is good or stable, the project in its entirety will be successful. Database hosting from the network side is very stable and the VPN connection is also stable. Maybe the training in Egypt needs improvement. The training centers in Egypt are very small. They should open more training centers in Egypt. AWS there is the best solution for hosting in Egypt. Our servers are all in England. If AWS in Egypt or the communication between AWS and Egypt is down, they will lose the image or the VMware of our server in AWS. We paid the foreman for security and more areas. However, we could not download a VPN until now. I don't know why we can't download.

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I think that currently it works very well. I mentioned the period of propagation on CDN servers. Sometimes, we update some photos or files and we don't see the update instantly. We need to wait for sometime, which is quite boring because we may be setting up a marketing campaign which is related to the product's photo and we need to wait to start.

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