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What needs improvement with ASP.NET?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with ASP.NET.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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The areas in need of improvement will vary based on the environment and what it is that you are working on. Performance is an area that can always be improved. For example, when you are doing invoice processing, you want to make sure that they can run at a faster rate. In terms of claims processing for an insurance company, you want to make sure that they have an increased rate of productivity. I would like to see a summary or list of key concepts that are available. It should include a list of challenges that people are having, and some of the solutions that can help to solve them.

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I am sure there is something that has room for improvement but nothing specific comes to mind.

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Whenever I don't know how to fix some critical issues, the Microsoft support team always gives us some good guidance and we follow it. When it comes to the application simulation and whether we think it should be added into the latest Microsoft released technology or not, we get everything we need. The only thing is they need to up their new technology and to revamp or migrate our current or existing applications into the latest version, and it should fix the current issues. But it's not me as a developer who can simply buy or implement the tool. Its edition should come from the management, which is not that easy. We only can propose that we get better features in the latest ASP.NET technology, and our higher reporting managers were keen to emphasize that it might take some time. We use the latest technologies that will be implemented with my current applications. We just sample it. With ASP.NET there are pros and cons. The main pro is that it's very easy and we have Microsoft helping to stabilize the product which is coming with the all new features every year. It does improve the product. But the con is that every year they are launching a new technology, and for a company like us, we get confused about which version should be used. Let's say we started using the next version, then the next year the version is no longer supported or it got upgraded to the new one. It's not that easy to migrate that entire software to that new version so they have a challenge here. I would hope when Microsoft releases any new products, they would release at least once in five years, and they need to give all the features for that version together. Not like now, when every edition they launch is a new product with the next version and entirely change that Framework. This is not advisable, because when we deal with the project, the size matters and the application usually also matters. Because if all projects are in one year, and you started working on the next version and we were going to launch that software the next year, that version has changed. It's very tough to migrate the entire one year project to the next version. So this is the challenge.

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In the future, I would like to see more AI and machine learning technologies made available in libraries. It would be helpful if they supplied templates or boilerplate code for the microservices architecture that would assist people in starting to build software. ASP.NET does not support Apple or macOS devices.

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Following can be improved: 1. VS IDE should be license free so that community edition interactions can be enhanced 2. Undefined Application Architecture with lack of Separation of Concerns (SoC) 3. Lack of abstraction with least control over HTML. 4. Limited support for testing and SEO.

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Although ASP.NET is a full package for any sort of development, whether be it in web or mobile, each part has been covered well enough but there is always room for improvement. I am pretty sure that Microsoft is working in the same direction to ease the pain of developers. I won't point out anything but I am going to enjoy the fact that it's pretty cool to solve something on our own rather than just complaining about something which we haven't tried. However, who said it's going to be easy, but nobody said it's impossible. The most important thing to improve in the next release would be support in tooling and high-level designer toolbox for cross-platform mobile app development.

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