What needs improvement with codeBeamer ALM?

Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with codeBeamer ALM.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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There are thousands of requirements that are modified or which are reviewed; those reviews cannot be seen at one single point in time. You need to click on each individual review item to check it out. The search and replace feature within the tool itself could be improved. Not using any other third-party tools.

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The solution has a very small market share in China. It's almost like a startup. The solution tends to eat up a budget. The solution needs to be marketed better in China to give it more visibility. The initial setup is complex. The manuals and UI are all in English, which makes it difficult for some end-users as it causes a language barrier. There needs to be Chinese documentation and training materials.

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You should be able to combine multiple parameters in a single gadget, and you should be able to retrieve that particular value. For example, if a feature is in support, we want to understand things like how many days it has been there, how many users have searched for it, and so on, for a specific period of time. Being able to track how many days it has been in support is important, but there might be a lot of these different parameters. Having a single value generated would be helpful for tracking. During the initial setup, I did not see any documentation to assist users with the steps that are required to get started. I would like to see more, easily trackable reports. Ultimately, I would like to see real-time data, real-time reports, and real-time data analytics.

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Usability needs to be improved.

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We would like to see more industry-specific features that are tailored to the vertical markets.

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