What needs improvement with ConnectWise Automate?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with ConnectWise Automate.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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CW Automate is a product written by a genius (Greg Buerk) for his own use. My team needs a tool crafted for ordinary people to reliably do a great job - so while Automate does a lot, and has cunning shortcuts, they are not clear, and they are not well-documented. And sadly, getting your environment set up "clean and simple" is a massive undertaking - setup support from Connectwise is worse than useless.  However, with all that, we're still using it and swearing at it 6 years on - coz, like democracy, it seems to be "the worst system around, except for all the rest" (especially when you count in the cost and risk of change)

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In Patch Manager, there should be more reportability so that it is easier to see the updates that I have applied to a machine and when the next update will happen. A lot of times, it seems like all the information is kind of thrown all over the place, and you can't really see it all at the same time. There should be a simplified patch data view that allows us to quickly confirm that our various clients are getting patched as they should be. We would love to get feature updates and cumulative updates fixed. I know they aren't really supposed to be pushed with Patch Manager. We've got recommendations from ConnectWise to use the scripted feature update installs, scripted KB updates, etc. Having these in Patch Manager itself would be great. The wait time for a support ticket to be addressed needs to be reduced. They take a couple of days to get back. It is a little frustrating when we have to wait for a couple of days. A lot of times, the issue is critical for us. If we're reaching out to their support team and submitting a ticket, it is because we need it handled quickly.

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I have issues with the menu, a lot of the time it doesn't load properly on initial login and I have to refresh and reload everything before I can actually search through agents. It can just sit there and spin on you at the initial login. I know we get some false positives at times, where things report offline and then when we connect to them with control they're connectable. They're definitely online, the agent just fails to report sometimes. I don't know the specifics of why it does that.

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I have a problem with the reports available on the solution. I don't understand how to work with the reporting functionality. For example, when I want to give a report for a specific machine, ConnectWise doesn't seem to have this as an option. I'm not sure if I'm missing something, or if the reporting functionality is just poorly conceived. In the future, it would be nice if they also had a Service Desk integration between ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Automate. Some tickets should be automatically created in Automate and then passed to Manage.

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The project management needs improvement and there's a section of the product called "configuration" that also needs to be improved.

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