What needs improvement with Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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The IDE could be even more full-featured. Because I was a developer, I was very spoiled by either Visual Studio Code or Visual Studio for shortcuts. For example, I was able to say "ctor" and hit Tab and it would create a template of a constructor for me. Or I was able to quickly type out a class mod with properties and methods using prop and hitting Tab. It would set up the template for me. It would be great, when I want to create a new function, if there were shortcut commands like those that help create all of the functions, or if there were shortcut features to do any of the complex plans. I would also like to see some of the syntax updated. They have the equivalent of a switch, but it's a very weird IF statement syntax. That could definitely be improved. Another area that I would like them to improve is their database connectivity and ability within a database. Still, we've been able to use it with what they have and get it working.

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When you have release branches and you make feature branches then you can commit. But you cannot make a push, that can only be done on the master and it's not very compatible. It can also be difficult if you write a lot of scripts and have some images. If you change the name of one of the images then you have to figure out where it is in the script which can be difficult. I would say make the possibilities not only on the image recognition but also on text recognition, something which Tosca has. It would be helpful to be able to work with drivers like Selenium. The implementation of the Selenium driver is not very compatible. In terms of additional features, it would be helpful to have one package for all testing. You have the manager, the AI, then you have functional, and about 10 different packages for installing.

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The setup process is quite lengthy. There's a lot of dependencies. Parts of it need to be centralized. The reporting function is a bit shallow. The solution does not offer very comprehensive reporting in terms of your test results. The reporting time and the logs are very high level as well. These areas need improvement.

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We found that we had issues regarding the VPN setup, which is one of the reasons that we did not purchase this solution. We found that the interface is not user-friendly. We were not able to write code as fast as with the competing open-source software, so that needs to be improved. We were not able to view all of the resources that were present.

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