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What needs improvement with ExtremeCloud IQ?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with ExtremeCloud IQ.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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89 Answers

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CloudIQ has all -and more- tick-in-the-box functionalities to run a professional network with access points, switches and routers. 

With an onboarding app for Android and iPhone and the step-by-step guidance in CloudIQ, it is fairly easy to get started. 

Only a somewhat more consequent presentation on the web pages is to be recommended. API is available, but most of the time not needed as CloudIQ is a full-blown monitoring and provision tool.

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Its price could be lower. It is a simplified solution, but it has price challenges. It is costly as compared to other solutions. It has almost everything. 

The only thing is that MAC is not possible on the cloud, and it has to be on-premises.

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First time users may find it difficult to get going into the right direction. After registering for a new CloudIQ, where to start. Some guidance would be helpful.

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They can improve just the onboarding process. More user information about the introduction to the product would be helpful. It would be good if they have a better user introduction to the new product because it is different than the prior version.

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1) The VA has no automated backup function.
2) It's not possible to configure port security.
3) There is no API-interface available.

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Community Manager

Thanks for your input @Gunter Reinhard. Would you be willing to leave a review for ExtremeCloud IQ so that other users can benefit from your feedback? If yes, here's the link: https://www.itcentralstation.c...

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Browser load time for the cloud is long and needs improvement.

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We have had some mediocre to poor experiences with tech support: Conflicting information, condescending attitudes, and reluctance to work to resolve an issue. Although, these were isolated, and most of our interactions have been fruitful, they still leave a lasting bad taste.

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Need port aggregation on the 2384 switches to take full advantage of ac on the APs. I understand that is on their product road map. The Aerohive access points have dual 1GB Ethernet ports for aggregation, which enables full 2.6Gbps data. Right now our partner through Aerohive support is telling us that the Aerohive switches currently don’t support port aggregation so we only are using one Ethernet port at the AP’s. At this point in time, it’s not an issue, and have been told that port aggregation will be available on the Aerohive switches. That’s important to me- as the demands on our network grow we will need to get the full bandwidth out of the Aerohive AP’s. When I researched the purchase the benefit of managing the switches and AP’s in one interface, and the ability to single source network infrastructure, including installation and management, outweighed the decreased data rate. So, I’m looking forward to this being available soon. That’s the best information I have on this at this time, hope it helps.

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