What needs improvement with froglogic Squish?

Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with froglogic Squish.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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We have faced some difficulties in identifying canvas objects initially. Canvas images are not actual objects that can be picked by any inspect tool (including Squish as it works based on Objects). You need to use the visual picker or mouse click property of Squish to work with them. I have faced some difficulties in automating this for platform-independent automation. Once it got automated, then it is going fine.

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Not much as of now. Squish is going in a good direction and if I feel any difficulty or anything needed to be improved, I will let you know.

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Till now I have not noticed anything that needs improvement. I believe Squish is going at a great pace and in a good way. Squish is lagging in handling swing objects, but I believe Squish will overcome this shortly. Moreover, we don't concentrate on swing objects that's why I am not mentioning it as an important thing.

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Robotics automation could be added with Squish. Squish works based on objects so, adding this feature would actually help us a lot to get everything in one suite. Their roadmap shows robotic automation and local web portal based reporting will be added in future releases. If this can be fastened, that would be really helpful.

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The Squish team provides regular updates, and they are improving the features of Squish. Anyhow, we can't automate the applications which are completely built on C/C++ without using Qt. As per my view, Squish should provide support for these type of applications.

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