What needs improvement with IBM B2B Integrator?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with IBM B2B Integrator.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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The tool requires you to write a lot of code in Java and XSLT, which makes development tough. There are other tools such as Dell Boomi that do not need as much coding. The initial setup can be made a little easier. Support for microservices is somewhat lacking.

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The improvements that need to be made are mostly little things. The Extended Rule windows in the mapper only have two settings: small window or full screen. When working on an elaborate rule, I end up creating it in notepad and then pasting it into the Extended Rule window, which is not convenient.

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* API-Fication required, and there should be more clarity on their cloud migration strategy. * Map translator needs more enhancements. * End-to-end visibility and monitoring application required. The control center is available and covers this area, but it still fails in many monitoring scenarios.

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With the most recent releases of this product, the installation and administration have become much more complex. After SI v5.2.4 there are major changes happened to the product with some new features and capabilities., which in turn are good. With features like advance communication, High Availability etc. installation and management of the tool has become little complex. Introduction of installation manager was not a conventional method of B2Bi installation. Everything comes with the price. If you want your infrastructure to be up to date and available all the time, Complexity is something you have to take up with it. I would like to see that more simplified for the users.

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