What needs improvement with IBM Spectrum Computing?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with IBM Spectrum Computing.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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We are not fully satisfied with this product at the moment because we are having issues with reliability. We have not been able to use deduplication. I cannot use any protocol other than VTL. We have VTL hardware that has some additional functions there are not supported by the VTL protocol. Also, VTL is a little bit slow. For example, we use a VTL from EMC and they use another protocol for the copying. At this moment, TSM will not use a protocol that is different from IBM.

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Hyper-convergence can be improved. IBM Spectrum is not supported or compatible with Nutanix with hyper-convergence. SMB storage and HPC is not compatible and it should be supported by IBM Spectrum Computing. The GUI could be more user-friendly for the administrator. In the GUI you cannot do all of the administration tasks, you have to go to the Command-Line. In VM the GUI can handle everything, Spectrum should be like this. Also, I would like to have the Hyper-converged solution Nutanix with IBM Spectrum, it's a very good product.

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This solution is no longer managing tapes correctly. I had to script another one to make the software use fewer tapes. Normally, you would have backup software tuned for speed or capacity and here, it was tuned for speed, which could be the reason for so many bad tapes.

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