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What needs improvement with IBM Tivoli NetCool?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with IBM Tivoli NetCool.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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44 Answers

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The solution is too expensive. The product isn't the easiest to use. There's a lot of complexity and it isn't easy to manage. The initial setup is not straightforward. The product needs to provide better documentation to the users.

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In terms of improvement, I would like to see more AIOps, Artificial Intelligent Operations in the next release. IBM develops new features for Power BI or Cognos Analytics, which is good. As of now, we use Cognos Analytics, we are not using Power BI. They have the Insight concept but we don't like that.

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The solution is not user-friendly. The solution is a bit complex and it would help if it were simplified so that occasional users, such as myself, could manage it better. As a person who's not well versed in Tivoli, I find handling integrations quite difficult.

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The Netcool family of products features a lot of components for which the integration between them requires a considerable amount of expertise and time. From a customer perspective, it is quite an expensive solution to initially implement and then support. The product pricing itself is relatively competitive. It is more the skills that the user company needs to employ that run up the actual cost. In order to be able to implement it and maintain it properly, they need resources in terms of expertise, consultants, or very experienced permanent staff. There are many capabilities included in the wider product set but it seems that not much has really been developed or enhanced recently. Something I would like to see, and that should be possible, is allowing an easy way to model business services and show the health of business services. Netcool is already very good at monitoring individual components to look at the performance and availability of components, but it is not very easy to model complex business services that have multiple relationships or dependencies.

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