What needs improvement with K2 ?

Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with K2 .

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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I think there can be improvements in the product but that may be linked to the decisions that we have taken to put it on-premise, because now we're making big changes and the scope of the project has changed so that we now want external partners to have access to the system. Because we're on-premise, it's more complicated to provide access to their own network. Next time I would go for the cloud.

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It didn't calculate the designs I needed. If a customer doesn't know what to do with the BPM tool, then they won't know how to start using the tool. It is very flexible because you can design your own main forms, but if there were some templates according to your market, it would be more useful for a new customer. That would make K2 more user-friendly and easier to use. Perhaps they may add some different holdings, and if you carry a file which uses either shape, you can handle the document. That's not our preferred method to manage software. Perhaps they could add a simple archiving function in the software. That would be very useful.

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The SmartForms need to be simplified so that the non-expert, business users can make use of them without coding. That will help a lot. I would also like to see the BPM features from Pega implemented, that have to do with the implementation of AI and the robotics. The AI should be able to learn inside the platform so that it adds intelligence to the tool itself. That way, it can handle the things that are being taken care of by external entities. It will first learn how to handle new events, and then handle them by itself in the future.

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