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What needs improvement with LogPoint?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with LogPoint.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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66 Answers

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It wasn't one of the products we stressed for our customers just because it was a higher-end service. Our customers were not happy with firewalling and the endpoint antivirus. It needed 24-hour management. Many of our customers don't need that because they are a small-medium business. The general public wasn't looking for that type of product unless you had a company that was medical or financial and needed 24-hour responsiveness. It's pretty expensive. It's harder to make an impact and get changes as you might need it quickly or address the price issue. It's a company owned by one person, and they were pretty solid on leaving the pricing the same. They are a little bit inflexible. That's how we felt with us not really specializing in that as much as other products we work with. They're from Denmark and a lot of their staff is there. They have a real skeleton crew here. We just switched over from LogPoint to IBM's QRadar as the SIM engine.

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There is room for improvement on both our side and on the side of LogPoint. We could improve on what we decided to put into LogPoint for it to work on and LogPoint Is improving with its addition of the MITRE ATT&CK framework. I know that they have user behavior analytics, but it's an extra cost for this feature. It would be nice if it was in with the standard products. If there were one price that you paid and that included all of the features, instead of having to pay a bit more to get advanced features. It would make things simpler when you purchase.

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My issues with the product are mainly with regard to how it handles collecting logs. I'm currently thinking about implementing a new lever feature. Additional features I'd like to see would be standard help features in developing dashboards and reports, and some of the alerts you can setup.

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LogPoint is complex and we don't have the skills to maintain use cases or even to extend the use cases. Because of this, we are unable to take advantage of the SIEM platform. We need something more self-running, hosted, and automatically recognizes problems the way the AI platforms are providing. The interface needs things like wizards that will assist with creating complex correlation rules. The platform is very resource-demanding, although this is typical of SIEM solutions.

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The solution should offer more integrations with third-party solutions, like incident response platforms, or allow access to third-party big data.

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Nowadays the trend is going towards ransomware and endpoint detection and response. So if they added something for that, that would be very useful. Plus, there is a trend towards store technology for security orchestration and automated response. That would reduce the workload and the product would be more mature, in terms of information. They should also work on better integration.

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