What needs improvement with Micro Focus LoadRunner Enterprise?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Micro Focus LoadRunner Enterprise.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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I think LoadRunner is still getting into grips with me — maybe, I've not used it that much. It's not that popular on the cloud. Also, we have not tried this on mobile platforms with mobile virtual users.

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The reporting has room for improvement.

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To improve the product, I think the integrations could be a little bit more slick. It does handle a lot of great integrations, but then some of them can be a little bit clunky to implement. The integration with third-party tools needs to be stepped up a little bit. As far as other things that need to be added, it has changed quite a lot recently, and I have not had vast amounts of experience with the latest version. So I am afraid it would not be fair for me to go further in expounding on that question. Things that I talk about may already have been included.

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In the DevOps model, performance testing has become a bottleneck. This is because, after the completion of a sprint, people are in a hurry to send it to production but it first needs performance testing. Whenever there is a code change, it takes a lot of time to rescript and debug the script. The TruClient protocol works well but it takes a lot of memory to run those tests, which is something that can be improved. Basically, it is too resource-intensive. Performance testing needs to be better integrated into an agile framework. There should be a way of automatically increasing the load generators on the cloud, without specifically having to spin up the agent and configure it. There is a third-party tool that does this.

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When you are looking at what areas of the product have room for improvement, it depends on the various clients that you have and when the new operating systems come out. It can get interesting. It would be nice to know how much GPU memory we are using because the data points are not there or it's hard to read. Also, it would nice to know what the network saturation levels are. It doesn't do that, although that is not what it was designed to do. We use it with another tool that can gather that information and provide us with the data points.

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The solution is a very expensive tool when compared with other tools. The stability in some of the latest versions has not been ideal. They need to work to fix it so that it becomes reliably stable again. The cloud solution of LoadRunner is not user-friendly when compared to BlazeMeter. They need to improve their cloud offering in order to compete. It also shouldn't be a standalone tool.

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One thing that always fails at our company is that after you have checked in an application then it usually crashes in some way. You get some strange error message. We found out you can open the test you have set up and usually, it works without the error the second time. So you just close the application test and open it again, and then it is okay. So that is quite confusing if you are new to the product, but you do not care about the inconvenience or even notice it after using the tool for a while. It does not seem very professional and it is really a buggy behavior that should be fixed. One feature I would like to see included in the next release of Performance Center would be to be able to run more fluidly with True Client so you could put more virtual users in Performance Center. That would help. I'm not sure how easy it is to compile something like that, but it would be valuable.

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Some features could sometimes disappear without reason. It's extremely recommended to take time to evaluates newer versions before upgrading.

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