What needs improvement with Microsoft Dynamics NAV?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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There is a lot of improvement needed in the top model, such as better integration with logistics, quality management, and data modeling for all revenue types. The revenue resources could be improved by having one common table with revenues. Furthermore, I have found when it comes to customization of the solution, I have had to do some modifications in areas to cover our requirements this has been the case with my colleagues and other companies as well. In the future, there could be a better connection to Microsoft CRM and the field service area within this solution needs improvement. Microsoft Dataverse is a program where you can exchange data between the two solutions and there needs to be better integrated.

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The solution is not best suited for larger-scale businesses. The features are lacking, there could be more add ons available. There are some other areas that are lacking but there are separate solutions for those other areas not covered in this solution. For example, field services and CRM are in Dynamic 365 and there is no BI feature but there a separate application for that called Power BI. I would like to see some project related feature in upcoming releases of the application. Some companies are professional service companies and they can also be project-based. Having some projects features would be helpful. If they are not including manufacturing, then at least they can add features for project-based companies.

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Customization and costs could be improved. Customization is a little complex, so we don't do that. We just use the basic features provided there. We also don't have a theme to customize it as it costs a lot. In terms of what I see from the IT department, it would help if we could create an application within Dynamics NAV itself, like a dashboard, which we could customize ourselves. It'll also help if they had documentation to help with API programming. I have a hard time finding the documentation about it. We need to drill down through the output and input of the structures they gave us, and I can't find a detailed explanation of the objects and properties.

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Because the platform is open, the ERP is open. Sometimes we have to do a few customizations for improving our internal processes which we do that as we go along, we've got all the GDPR things in there. It covers a lot of the aspects that we need to manage. An improvement would be the customizations that we do tend to limit by adapting our processes to the software. I'd say we'd be adapting around 60-70% and customizations would be around 30%. We don't want to diverge a lot from the standard version. We have to deal with a lot of audit issues coming from various places which is a time-consuming process. Auditors like to see who has got permissions for this and that. That's a bit of a hassle to get it out, but we do it. It's not the functional side that's an issue. I'd like to see the ability to address certain queries simplified. Not operational queries, but business issue queries, from the perspective of somebody who's managing the software.

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