What needs improvement with Office 365?

Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Office 365.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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In general, the desktop apps could be a little leaner and open faster in less powerful machines. The interface for Outlook could use a refresh, to make it more like the other software in the suite. Integration between Outlook calendar and Google Calendar would be a good improvement since many of our team use Android phones and personal Gmail accounts as their main calendar application.

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Using Visual Basic, I have had a lot of trouble with relative paths when programming for Excel, and sometimes it is very difficult to debug programs. For example, if the user has their focus on a different sheet, one that you do not expect, then the program begins to behave unexpectedly. This means that you cannot use relative paths, and you have to use absolute paths. Microsoft could issue warnings if you are programming in a way that might have side effects. There is a problem with the Microsoft Office documentation in terms of undocumented features. When you are programming and there is an undocumented and unexpected behavior in the background, it can be very painful to find the bugs.

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There are several areas that this service can be improved. The email, there are certain features we would like to see improvements from Microsoft, and also there are applications called BlueJeans, and there are certain things. There are several additional features we would like to see, such as advanced features of SAN protection in Office 365. The main thing is the SAN protection; we would like to see a lot of advanced features added because we had a lot of spam attacks.

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The feature to convert PDF file to a Word document needs improvement as well as the feature to save the file automatically when typing, without using the save command.

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Improvements can be made to the products generic offering. It's not customized for health care. It doesn't understand the meaning of health care related concepts. Providing a greater degree of industry specificity would make the tool much more unique and valuable. I would like to see a more user-friendly interface in the next release. We worked with a developer to upgrade the settings and optimize the base functionality. If the UI was more intuitive, all the user would need to do is click through.

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Using Office 365 is not that flexible on some mobile devices, like Android. They need to improve the security of the product. For example, I don't trust the OneDrive product on my computer.

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* They should reduce the license fees....otherwise its the best office solution till date from the Microsoft.

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They should stop releasing new features and focus on making the existing ones work. Their support is so terrible and unusable except during dire emergencies.

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