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What needs improvement with Oracle SOA Suite?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Oracle SOA Suite.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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There are networking and firewall issues that tend to delay our projects. I believe that is the case with any middleware. The documentation and details can be a little better, and more user-friendly. They supply lots of documentation but finding what we need is challenging at times. There is room for improvement in terms of support. In the next version of this solution, I would like to see improvements made to the test environment for real-time testing. There is a lot of new software that isn't there until you deploy, which means that you cannot test real-time.

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With respect to the feature that allows each process to be accessible and reviewed at a later time, it is a great debug option, but we did notice the database size getting larger by the day. Is there any option available that will allow the process history to be moved to a different schema? If so, it would not affect the performance. If the disk space expansion can be made more flexible, not requiring a database restart, it would be a major benefit.

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The product is very good considering tracing, ease of use and troubleshooting. However, the development environment requires a big machine with potent CPU/memory, and SOA server takes many minutes to be up, you can't run anything else on the computer. In production, when you have lots of composites running on the SOA server, it takes up to 30 min to restart the server. Microservice was created to solve these weaknesses of standard SOA approach.

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This solution should allow for data output to spreadsheets and other formats. During training, it is necessary to be closer to the end user to properly manage the product.

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Various parts of SOA, BPEL, and so on, each have their own consoles which need to be accessed individually with different logins. It would be better from an admin perspective if all the consoles were accessible via a single login.

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The Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which is JDeveloper in this case. Also, the integrated development environment could be better in some points such as the stability and the comprehensibility of errors. EDIT: The Maven integration in JDeveloper is very basic and might be enhanced to allow the proper use of Maven.

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