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What needs improvement with Radware AppWall?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Radware AppWall.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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44 Answers

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With a good configuration and a good understanding of the application, you can have very good integration with the web application firewall and Radware application. However, it isn't easy. We need to do a trial and try a bunch of settings. The integration process could be a little bit easier and smoother. They need to improve the processes surrounding it. We need to be able to integrate more effectively with the perimeter firewall due to the fact that, if you have many transactions that try to attack the web application, you might have a drop in transactions in the firewall. We've tried to do some configurations with WebSocket and have had a lot of issues. You need to have pretty good internal knowledge of the solution.

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With self-service, we can use a lot of the features on our own but some of the features didn't work and nothing was done about it. We stopped using it because the application failed. We tried to improve some processes but we still got a lot of false positives. We tried to work with the vendor to fix it but it didn't work out. False positives are a big issue for all of the WAF vendors. No one is 100% okay, it requires a lot of monitoring and fine-tuning. But the reason that I didn't work is because some of the services didn't work as I expected and they didn't fix it. They didn't give me answers to some of the issues that we raised again. So we weren't so happy. So we decided to look at other vendors that would please our stockholders but Coronavirus postponed our plans. I have worked in this industry for a long time and I think there are benefits of using a WAF. It requires a lot of understanding of the product.

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Support is very important because if we get good support, we'll be able to sell and supply more numbers. Sophos and Cisco they have very good support, that's why they're able to sell large numbers as compared to Radware.

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The GUI needs to be improved. Right now, the solution isn't so user-friendly.

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