What needs improvement with Rapid7 Metasploit?

Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Rapid7 Metasploit.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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At the time I was using it, the graphical user interface needed some improvements. It might be better now because there was a very big community behind it, and of course, newer versions are always improved. The free, community edition I was using, lacked some very specific exploits but, as I remember, under the commercial version, you could find your exploits. All the features that are available on the command line could be integrated with the graphical user interface.

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The solution should be more user friendly. Right now, a user needs a certain level of technicality. The solution should improve the responsiveness of its live technical support.

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Integration with popular vulnerability scanners would be a useful feature. Better automation capabilities would be an improvement. For example, if a project is moving from a development to a testing environment, then automation is crucial. We are using Jenkins, JIRA, and other tools for SecOps and DevOps. If somebody is storing code or a project in SVN then it needs to be fully automated. We need the ability for the scanner to run, then have Checkmarx scan them, then exploit the vulnerabilities if any are found.

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* The GUI version is not as effective as a command prompt. For general users, the PT using GUI could be improved. At the same, the track of a phishing emails were not accurate sometimes. Rapid7 could work on this further. * Metasploit cannot be installed on a machine with an antivirus. This could be improved. * There were times when it hung, then I had to restart the DB service. This leaves an area of improvement for them. * It is necessary to add some training materials and a tutorial for beginners.

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