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What needs improvement with Rubrik Go?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Rubrik Go.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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77 Answers

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Top 5LeaderboardReseller

You should be able to add more workloads to Rubrik Go. Also, they have a cloud product called Polaris — they should make it available on-premise, as well.

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Top 5MSP

Integration with the client is something that needs to be improved. Scalability can be an issue because of the appliances, so improvements can be made in that regard. I would like to see easier migration.

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Top 10Consultant

I would like to see better integration with applications, such as those from Microsoft, to make backing up from those applications simpler.

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Top 10Real User

The support needs to be improved. There are some areas where we're dependant on the support team and we can't resolve issues that are on-site. The solution doesn't give too much user interface to the end-user and seems to hold back a lot of resources. If you were to compare it to, say, EMC, the availability of the documentation, training programs, and end-user education aren't as good. Rubrik could improve this. The solution could benefit from duplication.

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There should be an option to generate reports in PDF format, rather than only in Excel, or CSV format. Being a modern backup solution, Rubrik should have an option to back up a Kubernetes cluster. Other solutions support this, yet I have not even seen it on their roadmap. It is the next big thing that is happening in the market, so it needs to be supported.

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If you're going for Rubrik, you are not opting for the tape library because Rubrik doesn't have the fiber cable connected to the tape library. But if a customer is looking for backups on the tape library, it should all work because in between there is a third-party user indicator. If Rubrik had provided such features, like how Nutanix does, it would be better since there is a dependency on the physical software. So, all this comes into the picture again and we need to have a separate tape library to configure it. If you are not opting for the tape, then it makes a good solution. Because with Rubrik, you can either keep the data on disc or you can simply put it on the cloud. It's up to us. The implementation took a long time for me because they have some concerns getting the requirements and procuring the other things, such as the licensing and the tape libraries. So, that took a long time for me to get done. But implementation is straightforward with Rubrik. But that sort of thing takes time for production. It has good features. With the integration with the cloud, you can save the backups but, that is really why I need to get the backups on that. I need to test the linework. That is the reason I didn't switch over completely to Rubrik. Still, my backups are on it.

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One of the issues with the product is that you cannot postpone a specific backup job. If you try to do that, every backup job is paused. It's a global pause, not just a specific object-level pause. I would like to see them include a feature that would allow me to pause per object level because if you pause the backup now, it pauses global branding backups. Also, reporting could be improved. For now, it's only exported to CSB files. It would be better if it were a PDF and would save having to transfer from a CSB file.

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