What needs improvement with SAP Hybris Commerce?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with SAP Hybris Commerce.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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The stack needs to be improved; they need to start using more new technologies. Technically we're still using GSP tags and GSL which are old technologies. Now, SAP Hybris has a new project called Spartacus. So, it's getting better, but there is still room for improvement. Currently, they don't offer support for mobile applications. Most of the projects I work on are web projects. I have never worked on a project using SAP Hybris that had mobile applications.

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Like every other SAP solution, it is very heavy. Also, the transition to the cloud is not very smooth because it is not really a SaaS solution. The upgrades are also not as smooth as you would expect from a complete cloud solution. It should have a product recommendation feature as well as a promotional feature. It should also have more personalizations.

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Hybris is not currently using microservices. Technically, we can introduce microservices to deploy some aspects separately. Personally, I find that the Hybris code is not really clean, but that could be due to the fact that we don't always use 100% oriented objects. Hybris is constantly adding new features that are aligned with market needs. For this reason, feature-wise, I don't see anything that needs to be improved, currently.

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SAP Hybris does not employ the latest technologies. For example, they still use GSP, Tag Files, an older version of Java, no microservices, and no Amazon Web services. They have just started to work with the cloud, but they only support Microsoft Azure. If a client wants to use Amazon Web Services then they will not be able to. This is an area of improvement that they can work on. Especially now, with the cloud trending, everyone is talking about the cloud but SAP Hybris is not on it. Non-Hybris developers find it complicated to work with. To work on Hybris projects, you really need an example to work from, otherwise, it will be more difficult.

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In terms of improvement? They have set up modules for marketing, financial, everything. I can say everything is an improvement because they keep changing their versions every six months depending on the niche of the business. They could include additional types of payment implementations. Right now they are just providing CyberSourse. They give you a framework and we customize it. The front and back-end are very tightly coupled in the framework right now. So now they're going to another open-source framework. They're writing their front-end part in Angular. So just the back-end and front-end thing will be coupled. That will make a lighter version.

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The product should be accessible to all types of customer, not just the big ones. A public cloud solution of this software would open great possibilities.

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