What needs improvement with SAP Master Data Governance?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with SAP Master Data Governance.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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The implementation could be easier. The governance of master data is difficult, and consolidating the old data is really hard. MDG projects tend to last a minimum of six months, and this is largely due to the fact that there are too many rules. The biggest problem in MDG is that you have to make rules and you have to set your rules very strictly and you need to prepare your data for your rules. If you don't, your old data is kaput. The marketing of the product outside of Europe should be better. While it might be well known in places like Germany or England, it doesn't have the same recognition in Turkey. Our first MDG project was only two or three years ago. It's pretty new to the scene. The solution is lacking configuration in one system. For example, there's a lack of country definitions, country tax category definitions in MDG, and in all ERPs. When MM projects are done, they configure everything. For example, my customer only does business with European Union countries. They don't define European Union country's tax number categories, however, when they deal with Israel, they don't define it in the old ERP system. It's a problem. You need to have a conversation with all seven ERP consultants and tell them to redefine this tax number category. It could be better, maybe, or easier.

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The price can be improved.

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The tools have been improved quite a lot over a period of time with data mining rules. The UI could improve by being more neat and clean. Sometimes users find it difficult to use it. When using the solutions I feel the performance could improve.

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The workflow works well, however, there's not a lot of options in defining roles. There are roles that are very specific within the MDG and we had to adapt our process to the roles that are in the workflow. I'm talking about the workflow in the roles, not access rights or things of that nature (such as access or identity management). I'm talking about how the flow works in the different types of roles. It's not very flexible. Overall, they just a little bit more flexibility in terms of assigning roles or adding new roles. We have a longer approval process, so we need to break it down into more roles than what is typically available and we need to hard-code it.

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What SAP needs to do for this product is to improve the user-friendliness of the dashboard to make sure they are going to have a more user-friendly product in the future. Another task for SAP is to accommodate China's local requirements because this product is still a global one. Sometimes what the module does will not fit so well for Chinese user requirements. It needs to be more global-aware.

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