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What needs improvement with SonicWall Email Security?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with SonicWall Email Security.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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44 Answers

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A lot of spoofed emails are still coming to the end-user, so the configuration for this option needs to be improved. We had an issue where our logs stopped working. We contacted support and they were able to correct the problem. We created a list of rules used to approve email, but when the list hit a certain number of rules, all of the emails stopped coming in and we had to delete some rules. In the next release, we would like to see more intelligence in the spam filtering with an ability to examine suspicious links. We would like to see them tested using sandboxing.

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The cost is very high and should be improved. It should include additional monitoring tools to identify computers that are causing problems. We are using third-party tools for this but they should be embedded directly into the solution. Ideally, we would like to be able to monitor all of the client email activities inside our network. We would like to see more information on a dashboard about what is happening when it comes to spamming and malware. SolarWinds is one of the monitoring tools that we are using.

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The after-sale support needs improvement. They don't have representation in my country. It's always through email or remote connectivity that we work under. That is why I just had to drop the solution and look for something else. If they had the support I needed I would still be using them. They need well-trained partners in Nigeria. The solution could improve its edgeware and email security, manageability and remote connectivity.

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I think one improvement would be to add HTML recovery for scanning all attachments and links for malware and macros. It would be nice to add some features to block commands and the ability to open Office 365 products, even if it is just added as an extra feature. Overall, I'd advise adding some blocking unit. It is something I need in an update, but I don't see any solution for it in the email security features. They should add features for better control of blocking attachments, blocking macros, blocking contacts, etcetera. Features like this are very important. Contextual help features would be nice for those discovering the product. But attachment control for Office is important and should be the feature to focus on right now if they can deliver just one feature in the next release. Other than that, really I think the features are perfect, but attachment controls are so important it hurts the usability of the product.

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