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What needs improvement with Symantec Privileged Access Manager?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Symantec Privileged Access Manager.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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44 Answers

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I think the management console could be improved. I have just watched a demo video for the management console and I think it may need to be simplified. I haven't yet had hands-on experience with the solution so it's difficult to comment on possible additional features.

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I would like this solution to be simpler. It should have a one-click access that works together with AWS.

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An improvement for this solution is that it should not be constantly based on user name and password. There should be a condition to edit and update your username. Also, it would be nice to have a single sign-on, but that particular portal doesn't allow any copy/paste. In addition, I have an additional suggestion. I will give you a scenario. In regards to the licensing, I have some concerns. The NAS team, they want to have 24/7 support. The NAS team is the one actually using this CA PAM. So, the total count is some hundred members. But at other times, the login is 23 members. So it's like a batch. Every 7 hours there is a batch change, so every 7 hours 23 members will change. But when I ask for a licensing part, they are saying we have to take 100 license, not 23 license. Each time I have to ask for 100 licenses, even though I have only 23 members at a time using the solution. If there were any options for concurrent usage of a license, that would be a better option.

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Service account management is a key area where the product needs to develop. Currently, the product supports service account discovery, but only if the host name of the server is known. For unknown host names, it is still a dark area. In comparison with Thycotic and CyberArk, the service account management functionality needs to be extended to application pools, SQL database, PowerShell scripts, service account discovery, etc.

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