What needs improvement with Trend Micro Deep Discovery?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Trend Micro Deep Discovery.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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The solution could be more stable and offer more security. When we get suspicious links, we need to make sure they are blocked properly and investigated. Sometimes the asset tool gets locked and I'm not quite clear as to why this happens.

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The solution needs to be able to integrate better with third-party infrastructure.

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I would like to see integration with third-party tools to improve the visibility of the dashboards.

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I would like to see them create a rule where It could integrate with the network and start mitigating with auto-detection.

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The licensing costs could be improved and simplified. If they could integrate the solution with the endpoint agent, that would be ideal. I understand that's not possible currently. Since this is a technical device, it would be great if they could just allow us to integrate it with some of the existing VMs or our existing devices. These are all central devices. If they can offer the solution on VM boxes, like virtual systems, that would be great. That way, our hardware costs, electricity costs, and database space costs and all can be lowered. Currently, a solution called Apex One is on the market and it has features that allow for more integrated security. They should try to emulate this a bit more. It has better bundles. The stability of the solution could be improved. It should be 100% stable, but it's not there right now.

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We haven't dealt with any issues in either the product itself or the graphical interface so far. I haven't seen anything that requires improvement as of now. I believe maybe with time we will see something because we have only been using this product for six months. With time, we might be able to identify certain aspects that we face in the future that could give us a better understanding of what requires improvement. As of now, however, I don't see that there is an improvement needed for the product as it is. We have multiple other products that really have a non-friendly user interface. Deep Discovery compared to them is much easier. Trend Micro has also given us a quick course on how to use it. I might say I love them now. I think the interface itself is quite friendly to deal with adding, changing, or troubleshooting itself. There are certain aspects of flexibility in the policies that should be added to Deep Discovery. At times, we are limited to a certain policy or certain changes that can be added or configured. I believe that certain infrastructures or networks require a little bit more flexibility to make changes throughout the full software, enabling users or admins to cover all the requirements needed.

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We'd like to see more video guides. I'd also like for them to increase the numbers of different virtual images. Now the solution can use only three different images. For example, it's Windows 7, Windows 10, and the Windows servers are 2016. Only three of them at the same time. It would be more useful if the solution can operate with around five or six different images like Windows 7 2019, Windows 8.1. I would like the ability to analyze all files in our internal network, at the same time on different operating systems. Not just three of them, but as many as possible.

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