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What needs improvement with Trend Micro ServerProtect?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Trend Micro ServerProtect.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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66 Answers

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I would like to see SMS notifications sent as alerts, in case we do not have access to our email. This way, we would know who is copying information outside of our data center. When malicious activity is detected, the packets should be removed from the traffic and saved on our server for analysis.

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I don't think there are really any large areas of concern for me right now although it would be helpful if the endpoint security had a vulnerability scanner for management solutions built into it. It would mean that if, for example, a system had different patches it would also be able to report that to you. I'd like to see more modules. The vulnerability management feature would be something I'd like to see in the next release so that most endpoint software had a patch management or a vulnerability management. It would mean that you would not have to rely on two different agents and workstations, one for patching and one for security. I believe Fortinet has this.

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From a technical perspective, I think ServerProtect is one of the best security products on the market. It is a mature product that already has most features that any product of this type has. What can be improved is that the cost is very high. So I feel that the cost should be reduced, even if it is justified. One thing that I would like to see as an additional feature is just a custom sandbox within the solution itself. So instead of having to go and use an additional sandbox for testing, you could have a custom sandbox integrated directly into the solution.

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The price of the product could be improved, other than that it's a perfect solution. I'd like to see an enhanced dashboard in the next release. Previously, when we used it as an on-prem solution they offered us the reporting server, which was amazing. We were able to get a weekly report that could be customized. When we moved to cloud this feature wasn't available so the dashboard needs to be enhanced a little bit. It's also lacking analytics and a machine learning technique.

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When we looked at Cylance, in comparison to Trend Micro, there are some features that seem to be better on Cylance than on Trend Micro. Cylance offers, for example, an easier management console and some functions are easier to implement. Trend Micro is a little bit complicated when it comes to setting up special policies. You need to look deeper for special features, as it's not as obvious as Cylance, for example, which allows you to find items with just one click.

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I would like to see separate protections of my server and my client. There are other solutions out there that do this. We found that when we push Trend Micro from the console to our client's PCs, we need to manually restart the PC. I have 500 users and the manual input is time-consuming.

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