What needs improvement with Veeam ONE?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Veeam ONE.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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The support, reporting features, and customization should all be improved.

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To make it a better solution they could improve the business feature and the camera. When we have a problem, we want to use the best feature. We would like to see a better solution for when your software has crashed for a minute or you can't open your software. We would like a better solution to recover your software. Overall, Veeam ONE could be improved if it had a better data recovery feature.

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I haven't used the solution for long enough to really be able to consider features that may be lacking. I haven't had enough time to work with it. The appliance doesn't have a domain. If there was a competitor with a domain, I'd likely use them.

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The threshold could be easier to configure. I would like to see more automation and integration with their own backups. Currently, you can stop and start a backup, but it would be nice if you could initiate a reinstall using Veeam ONE.

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This is not a highly customizable solution but there is very little that needs improvement in this product. They actually improved the UI, it has a very Window-ish interface now so that once you log into the console, all your servers are listed down the left hand side, and particularly for an auditor, you can see the policies and make changes, search for the retention, the backups, etc. As an IT professional, we want everything free so the price of the product could be reduced, but they do need to pay their developers.

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The additional features are: * Running control of both network and IOPS on physical infrastructure * Predicting compatibility requirements to transfer resources from physical to virtual to meet backup RPO and RTO within 15 minutes * Especially adding application objects to backup VM cluster (Oracle RAC, SQL cluster, AD delegation, Exchange DAG, MySQL Cluster).

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